1 = adaptive response, alteration, change, editing, modulation, move, recasting, redesign, rotation, shift, transfer, transformation, changeover [change-over], disturbance, mutation, permeability, reformation, switchover, reverse, shift away from, shifting, changing of the guard, swing, bartering, switch, switching, change.
Ex. It is too early to assess the success of the adaptive responses which have been instituted in most SLIS.
Ex. A musical adaptation is a musical work that represents a distinct alteration of another work (e.g. a free transcription), a work that paraphrases parts of various works or the general style of another composer, or a work that is merely based on other music (e.g. variations on a them).
Ex. These changes have meant modifications, some very time-consuming, to serials catalogues in libraries.
Ex. To ensure further that all the index entries generated by chain procedure are indeed helpful, the initial analysis of the chain may require editing.
Ex. There is little modulation, whole steps of division being short-circuited and an odd assembly of terms being frequently found: e.g.: LAW see also JURY, JUDGES.
Ex. Better flexibility is achieved if the heating, ventilation and lighting can accommodate this move without the need for any alterations.
Ex. This kind of large-scale recasting offers an opportunity for the scheme to go forward rather than stagnate until it is completely taken by events.
Ex. This action was the redesign of the enquiry form in order to elicit more information from the enquirer.
Ex. The entries that result from the rotation mechanism have standard layout, punctuation and typography, all of which have been pre-programmed.
Ex. Transitory circumstances of daily life are what cause these shifts.
Ex. When the record transfer is complete, the catalog summary screen is shown for the new record so that the user can review and update it.
Ex. Hungary faces far-reaching socio-economic transformation which will inevitably affect libraries as well.
Ex. The changeover has resulted in more rapid machine-editing of input and reduced costs for cataloguing.
Ex. A centralised system was chosen to ensure speedy receipt and dissemination with minimal disturbances.
Ex. The very meanings of words like 'library' and 'university' are about to undergo mutations too radical to conceive, much less predict = Los significados mismos de palabras como "biblioteca" y "universidad" están a punto de experimentar cambios demasiado radicales de concevir y cuanto mucho menos de predecir.
Ex. There is greater permeability than before between different types of library at the start of a career but, once settled in a post, fewer librarians than before change from one type of library to another.
Ex. The author presents suggestions for the reformation of medical library education.
Ex. The transition date for the switchover is 1 Oct 2000.
Ex. Moreover, we conclude that the process of placing a feminist stamp on working relations is both far from complete and subject to reverses.
Ex. This article discusses the effects of changes in the economy on the distribution of work in libraries which indicate a shift away from its female origins.
Ex. This article considers the use of a spreadsheet in the shifting of periodicals collections in order to save time.
Ex. The recent reorganization has resulted in a merger of the academic and public divisions and a changing of the guard among the company's top officials.
Ex. The addition of new feedback techniques produced a significant swing in favour of the application.
Ex. Holdings will become increasingly important as a bartering tool to gain additional access benefits.
Ex. Office automation have brought about a switch to a paperless office.
Ex. These 'spuriously loyal' customers are not willing to churn just because of switching costs.
Ex. Most libraries maintain a small cash float for the giving of change and, in addition, money/ is received in payment of fines.
* a cambio = in return.
* a cambio de = in exchange for, in return for.
* a cambio de nada = for nothing.
* aceptar el cambio = embrace + change.
* aceptar un cambio = accommodate + change.
* adaptarse al cambio = accommodate to + change, adapt to + change.
* adaptarse a los cambios = flow with + the tides.
* adoptar un cambio = adopt + change, accommodate + change.
* agente de cambio = agent of(for) change, force for change, force of change.
* agente del cambio = change agent.
* aires de cambio = wind(s) of change, the, seas of change, the.
* cambio a = flight to.
* cambio brusco = revulsion, flip-flop.
* cambio brusco de velocidad del viento = wind shear.
* cambio climático = climate change, climatic change.
* cambio cualitativo = step change, qualitative change.
* cambio cuantitativo = quantitative change.
* cambio cultural = cultural change.
* cambio de actitud = change in attitude, change of heart.
* cambio de aires = change of scenery, change of air and scene, change of air, change of scene, greener pastures, pastures new.
* cambio de ambiente = change of scenery, change of air and scene, change of air, change of scene.
* cambio de aspecto = lick of paint.
* cambio de ciudadanía = change of citizenship.
* cambio de dirección = change of hands.
* cambio de dueño = change of hands.
* cambio de énfasis = shift of emphasis, shift in emphasis.
* cambio de entorno = change of scenery, change of air and scene, change of air, change of scene.
* cambio de hora estacional = daylight saving time.
* cambio de idea = change of heart, change of mind.
* cambio de imagen = makeover [make-over], makeover [make-over].
* cambio de instalación eléctrica = rewiring.
* cambio de la guardia = changing of the guard.
* cambio de look = lick of paint.
* cambio de lugar = relocation.
* cambio de manos = change of hands.
* cambio de mirada = gaze-shift.
* cambio demográfico = population trend.
* cambio de nacionalidad = change of citizenship.
* cambio de nombre = rebranding.
* cambio de opinión = change of heart, change of mind.
* cambio de orientación = paradigm change, paradigm shift.
* cambio de paradigma = paradigm change, paradigm shift.
* cambio de parecer = change of heart, change of mind.
* cambio de procedimiento = procedural change.
* cambio de propietario = change of hands.
* cambio de proveedor = churn.
* cambio de registro = code switching.
* cambio de residencia = resettlement.
* cambio de servicio = churn.
* cambio de sexo = sex change.
* cambio de título = title change.
* cambio escénico = scene changing.
* cambio estacional = seasonal change.
* cambio hormonal = hormonal change.
* cambio inesperado = twist.
* cambio institucional = institutional change.
* cambio metereológico = weather modification.
* cambio + ocurrir = change + take place.
* cambio + producirse = change + come about.
* cambio profundo = profound change.
* cambio radical = revulsion, sea change, radical change.
* cambio radical de postura = about-face.
* cambio revolucionario = revolutionary change.
* cambios = second thoughts, ebb and flow.
* cambio social = social change, societal change.
* cambio + suceder = change + take place.
* cambio + tener lugar = change + take place.
* cambio total = turnabout [turn-about], turnaround.
* cambio transformador = transformative change, transforming change.
* cambio traumático = traumatic change.
* cambio vertiginoso = spiral of change.
* clima de cambio = climate of change.
* efectuar cambios = wreak + changes.
* efectuar un cambio = effect + change.
* elemento de cambio = agent of(for) change.
* en cambio = by contrast, in contrast, instead, shifting, by comparison.
* en constante cambio = ever-changing [ever changing], ever-fluid, on the move, fast changing [fast-changing], ever-shifting.
* en continuo cambio = constantly shifting, ever-changing [ever changing], ever-shifting.
* en estado de cambio = in a state of flux.
* enfrentarse a los cambios = cope with + change.
* en proceso de cambio = changing.
* estado de cambio = state of flux.
* estar en estado de cambio = be in flux.
* estar en proceso de cambio = be in flux.
* estar sujeto a cambios = be written in sand, not stone, be subject to change.
* experimentar un cambio = bring about + change, undergo + modification, undergo + change, undergo + transition.
* experimentar un cambio + Adjetivo = take + a + Adjetivo + turn.
* hacer cambios en la búsqueda = renegotiate + search.
* hacer cambios indebidamente = tamper (with).
* hacer el cambio = make + the change.
* hacer frente al cambio = manage + change.
* hacer frente a un cambio = meet + change.
* hacer un cambio = make + change.
* impulsor del cambio = driver of change.
* introducir un cambio = bring + change.
* libre cambio = laissez-faire.
* línea internacional de cambio de fecha, la = International Date Line, the.
* lograr un cambio = accomplish + change.
* los constantes cambios de = the changing face of, the changing nature of.
* momento clave del cambio = tipping point.
* moneda de cambio = bargaining chip.
* mostrar por medio de cambio de intensidad en el brillo = flash up.
* motor del cambio = driver of change.
* no hacer ningún cambio = stand + pat.
* no sufrir cambios = remain + normal.
* ocasionar un cambio = bring about + change, trigger + change.
* operación de cambio de sexo = sex-change surgery, sex-change operation.
* permanecer sin cambios = remain + unchanged.
* proceso de cambio = process of change.
* producir un cambio = effect + change, produce + change, trigger + change.
* provocar cambios = wreak + changes.
* provocar un cambio = bring about + change.
* reacio al cambio = resistant to change.
* realizar un cambio = make + alteration, implement + change.
* repercusiones del cambio = impact of change.
* resistente al cambio = resistant to change.
* ritmo del cambio = rate of change, pace of change.
* ser susceptible de cambios = be subject to change.
* sin cambio = inviolate.
* sin cambios = monotone, stable, undisturbed, unchanged, unmodified, unaltered, unedited.
* subsidio para cambio de residencia = resettlement allowance.
* suceder un cambio = occur + change.
* sucesión de cambios bruscos = roller coaster ride, roller coaster.
* sufrir un cambio = experience + change, undergo + change.
* suponer un cambio = bring about + change.
* trabajar a cambio de nada = work for + nothing.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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